Hi there, I'm Rachel Renée!

I am a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in digital design, brand strategy, marketing, goal planning, and lead generation services. I have worked in startups, high-growth companies, non-profit organizations, and agencies, creating value for people and businesses alike. I have developed and implemented successful marketing strategies that increased brand awareness and market share. With an equal mix of creative, strategic, and analytical skills, I have a proven track record of coordinating projects from start to finish, leading cross-functional teams, and defining production timelines and budgets. As an intuitive leader with an entrepreneurial flair, I am valued for my people-centric leadership and collaboration skills, earning recognition from peers. I have a strong work ethic, excel in fast-paced environments, have a continuous desire to learn and grow, and am always looking for new ways to create value and drive results.
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